Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen
International Speaker

Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen

Lead Data Scientist, Grundfos

Lotte has developed and honed her data skills as a researcher at Yale University investigating and analyzing data from the CERN collaboration. She constructed algorithms to treat data, find patterns, extract knowledge and in the end deploy her solutions. She has used a wide range of analysis strategies and AI/ML methods to achieve the desired results. More than 10 years’ experience working on one of the world’s largest dataset has given her amble experience in data handling and data analysis.

The last years she has been working at the Digital Development part of Grundfos. She was hired as a Senior Data Analyst and then promoted to Lead Big Data Engineer and finally Lead Data Architect. In the two latter position she has designed and helped build the data platform , defining the foundation for advanced analytics. The promotions have been due to her data understanding, communication skills and her ability to engage others.

She has the analytic mindset, the deep hands-on experiences, and the proven communication skills to successfully make data results.