Yaniv Naor
Keynote Speaker

Yaniv Naor

Head of Master Data Management (Sandoz), Novartis

Yaniv has gained over 20 years of knowledge and hand on experience as a global enterprise business leader, strategist who focuses on Master Data Management (MDM), Data governance, Digital transformation, and Artificial intelligence.

He is a known keynote speaker, author and is recognized as a thought leader, influencer, and visionary with the ability to guide, influence and inspire peak performance, innovation and adoption of data and analytics solutions across the company’s value chain.

Throughout his carrier, Yaniv has led various enterprise system implementations and integrations in the fields for Supply Chain, Logistics, HR, ERP, finance & CRM, across a variety of industries (pharmaceuticals, A&D (Aerospace and Defence), consulting, fashion, retail, Banking)

Today Yaniv serves as a Global Head of Master Data Management in the pharmaceutical industry, Keynote speaker and moderator as well as a PhD. Student who focuses on data management and Artificial intelligence evolution.