Konstantinos Tsiptsis

Konstantinos Tsiptsis

Director of Advanced Analytics & Campaign Management, Eurobank

Konstantinos currently holds the position of ‘Advanced Analytics & Campaign Management’ Director at Eurobank with direct report to the Chief Digital Transformation Officer. The last five years, he has focused on the data-driven transformation of the organization by leading, designing and delivering business initiatives to increase customer value and retention while translating strategic market & own customer base opportunities into actions with proven ROI.

He has a long & significant track record on strategic change management & business transformation for one-to-one marketing automation, customer feedback management, self-service BI and AI business applications.

He is always looking for new ways to apply data-driven solutions to real world problems with practical & results oriented approaches, focusing on data-driven business transformation by bridging the gaps between technology, data and business applications. He believes in digitization by keeping the human factor at the core of every digital practice and by creating hybrid operating models.

He has at Athens University of Economics & Business as an Adjunct Professor in Marketing Data Science and of being the author of the book “Data Mining Techniques in CRM: Inside Customer Segmentation” which has been a best seller in Europe, based on Amazon ranking, for three consecutive years.